About me

About Bernd Koepke

My name is Bernd Koepke. I have been working as an independent coach, consultant and facilitator in Ratingen near Dusseldorf for over 17 years. As a coach I accompany executives, talents and teams through personal and professional changes. As a consultant and facilitator, I bring together people who want to make a difference, develop and transform.

My Mission

True leaders think from the future, take responsibility for themselves and others and create a positive contribution to the bigger picture through their commitment. My mission is to accompany such people in their development to leadership personality and to support them as a coach. I see myself as an experienced companion who also sees himself as a leader and makes his contribution to a better world. My vision is that even more people will become aware of the fact that it is up to them if something is to change for the better. I am convinced that there is something special in every person that wants to be discovered. I have recognized as my gift that I can help leaders and talents to live their passion and fulfill their mission as true leaders.

My Roles

As a systemic coach, I provide coaching and facilitation support for managers, talents and teams who want to develop generatively. Generative means being creative and creating something new. Generative coaching is an innovative approach that provides valuable impulses when taking on a new role in a company, repositioning professionally and transforming individuals, teams and entire organizations. As a Leader Coach, I am a competent companion and sparring partner for managers on their way into the personal, professional and organizational future.

My Professional Experience

2017 – today

Project Partner
Movendo Consulting GmbH, Holzminden

2003 – today

Business Coach, Leadership Trainer, Change Facilitator
accognis advanced coaching, Ratingen

1999 – 2002
Managing Director, Senior Consultant
SIGNUM Gesellschaft für Managementberatung mbH, Hofheim a. T.
1996 – 1999
After a management buyout from the Daimler-Benz Group:
Head of Training Center in Essen, Partner
AEG SIGNUM Gesellschaft für Berufsbildung Training und Beratung mbH
1991 – 1996
Head of Central Department, Head of Training Center Essen
AEG Aktiengesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main
1986 – 1991
Trainee, Training Expert, Manager Training and Development
AEG Aktiengesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main

My Qualifications

  • Certification in Leading Organizations and Change (MIT/Emeritus)
  • Certified in Theory U | Leading from the Emerging Future (Presencing Institute)
  • Certified Performance Consultant (ISPI)
University Education
Advanced Training
  • An overview of all professional trainings can be found on LinkedIn

My Memberships

I am a member of the following organizations and share the values and ethical principles of these associations and networks:

My Portfolio of Services

Individual Coaching

In one-on-one coaching, the focus is on the individual concerns and intentions of clients regarding personal and professional development or leadership challenges of executives and managers at various levels.

Team Coaching

In team coaching I work with groups of managers or experts. I accompany these groups as a coach so that they can bring together their talents and potential, develop generatively as a team and achieve their team goals together.

Change Facilitation

As a consultant and facilitator I accompany transformation and change processes on all system levels. The aim is to move, improve, create and implement something together with a positive mindset.

Clients and References

My Customers and Clients

In the last 20 years, I have supported more than one hundred managers as a coach through individual and team coaching. In just as many workshops, I have accompanied leadership teams in vision and strategy development, in improvement and change projects as well as in post-merger and post-acquisition integration. More than 8,000 people have got to know me as a trainer in seminars and leadership trainings.

The clients who place their trust in me include large and medium-sized industrial, commercial and service companies.

What Clients Say About Me

What clients value in me are, among other things, the following attributes: analytical, empathetic, structured, responsive, demanding and trustworthy.

Here you can find some more quotes about me as a coach:

His way of asking questions and the questioning techniques he uses are impressive.

What I liked about the coaching process was how Mr. Koepke worked with me to develop possible solutions and a repertoire of courses of action. No finished solution was presented. Rather, approaches were practiced and consolidated with me, which help me in different situations. I was practically given a kind of toolbox and learned to use it.

In the coaching process I was particularly helped by the fact that I learned to think things backwards from the goal and to describe important milestones.

My coach understood very well how to analyze and break down the task and give me the tools to deal with challenging situations.

As a coach, Mr. Koepke gave me space without pushing, on the one hand, and on the other hand he helped me to focus and identify the problem to be solved. Through his impulses, I then systematically worked out my own possible solutions as his coachee. He was also always available for me later during the implementation. Clear recommendation!

I have enjoyed the partnership with Mr. Koepke very much. Working with him has changed the way I think and act and has had an extremely positive influence on my professional career up to my current position as Managing Director.

My Partnership

MOVENDO Consulting

As a partner of Movendo Consulting GmbH, I have been involved in many interesting projects in the areas of leadership development and transformation for our joint clients in recent years. Through the successful and enriching cooperation, I have been closely connected with the company ever since.

In the Movendo Community, we have competent consultants who work together in demanding projects on a common systemic basis - worldwide. As Movendo, we help our customers to set something big in motion. True to the motto: #beMovendo!

Moving, developing and transforming is also what I stand for. Together with my colleagues, we create sustainable development and change.

My Special Events

Leadership Development with Bernd Köpke

My portfolio for you focuses on coaching and facilitation. You will also find impulses and inspirations for your own development and change in other settings, for example in seminars, online trainings and hybrid coaching formats. You can find the few open offers here:



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